Ascension Mystery School presents:

The Path of Light

with Dannion Brinkley, David Wilcock & Elizabeth Wilcock

A Once in a Lifetime Training to Explore the Nature of Reality, Discover Who You Really Are and Uncover the Prophesies & Pathways to Ascension


Ascension Mystery School presents:

The Path of Light

with Dannion Brinkley, David Wilcock & Elizabeth Wilcock

A Once in a Lifetime Training to Explore the Nature of Reality, Discover Who You Really Are and Uncover the Prophesies & Pathways to Ascension

An Invitation from Dannion, David and Elizabeth

 Dear Seeker of Truth,

We are in the midst of a pivotal time. The future of our planet and humanity appears to be at stake.

Many ancient prophecies have already now come true. It is remarkable to witness how accurate these ancient texts have become.

We can feel quite overwhelmed as we watch ancient prophecies coming true.

This time is being seen by many as a global Dark Night of the Soul. It’s hard to ignore how intensely everyone is feeling. Nor can we overlook that gnawing uncertainty that lingers beneath the veneer of confidence.

We are in uncharted territory. In this sit-down with three gifted and informed souls, we charted a path through the rough-and-tumble wilderness of the current transition in progress.

We steered the course to the subjects that are nearest and dearest to your heart… while making sure that we are doing our best to prepare you for each step of the awakening process!

Dannion Brinkley is the world-renowned author of Saved By the Light, which recounts his staggering near-death experience and subsequent transformation on every level. David Wilcock, well, I don’t think we need to go over all that again. New York Times, Ancient Aliens, blah blah blah. I guess you like him or you wouldn’t be on this list! David’s lovely wife Elizabeth share the Sacred Priestess perspective in segments with Dannion that beautifully dovetail with the overall Path of Light we are exploring together.

In this program, David and Elizabeth sat down with Dannion and talked openly and honestly about the most exciting spiritual information available.

We actively explored the transformation in progress and shared new data that is likely to captivate your imagination and transform your entire perspective… and perhaps even inspire beneficial changes in your lifestyle! 

Here is what we cover in the Online 5-week program:

  • Week 1: NDEs and Ascension Prophesies Decoded
  • Week 2: Power of the Panoramic Life Review
  • Week 3: Charting a Conscious Path in the Living Universe
  • Week 4: The Illuminati and Integrating Our Shadow Side
  • Week 5: The Rainbow Body and the Boxes of Knowledge

Each week includes classes co-taught by Dannion Brinkley, David Wilcock and Elizabeth Wilcock. When you take the course, you will also get lifetime access...


As you can see, this class is jam-packed with exciting and transformative subjects you are not likely to ever encounter anywhere else. Come and laugh your way into higher consciousness with the whole crew!

Thanks to this series not being on YouTube, we can be far more specific about our opinions… and be more informative about where we really think this situation is going. If you want to get a concise view of the knowledge from the “other side,” and how to apply it to your life today, step right up for this truly far-reaching “Master Class” on Ascension!

The future course we are charting is not at all doom and gloom. It is precisely the opposite! We can “expect the unexpected” and have hours of fun-filled, curiosity-feeding adventures through labyrinths of cosmic thought.

Ascension Mystery School: The Path of Light is an all-new training dedicated to helping you discover the secrets of the other side, explore our true purpose, and embrace the very beginning of the great era of peace and harmony on Earth.

This is a once-in-the-lifetimes opportunity to watch true magic unfold in the mystery of the spoken word as we navigate the glorious rabbit hole of hundreds of animated slides.

This online program is NOW open for enrollment for a limited time and you get instant access to all of the training.

The time is now. We don’t expect to be doing this again. Don’t miss it!

In gratitude,

Dannion Brinkley, David Wilcock, and Elizabeth Wilcock

P.S. Remember, you can watch online or download all the audio and video recordings for lifetime access, so that you don't miss anything. At this time, there are no refunds, so please join us ONLY if you are fully committed these teachings and we look forward to serving you!

Unlock the Hidden Power of Your 'Higher Self'

What if you could constantly be in communication with a deep source of wisdom that was connected to all and everything?

What if we told you that there is no real death and that by making peace with it you can find the key to living fully?

How would you operate if you were able to tap into a continual presence of love and belonging.

All of this is possible...and you do not have to go through a near-death experience in order to discover it.

You just need to have the right intention and to turn inward to develop your own direct relationship to your primary teacher.

Your soul has been waiting for this moment for many lifetimes and when you do this everything changes.

Your own evolution quickens.

You start to tap into your own intuition and inner guidance.

You have opened a powerful transformational gateway.

And you massively accelerate your own path of ascension...and by doing so you can then be of higher service to those around you and to humanity.

Going Beyond Fear to Live More Fully: Messages from the Other Side

When a person is in a state of fear or a negative emotion it tends to self-perpetuate.

What most of us fear is the unknown, uncertainty and change. And others use this fear against us for manipulation and control.

So one of the biggest steps we can take is to learn to turn into our fears, to face them and to sit with them. When we do this we start to see that most of them are just programs in our own minds that have no basis in reality.

The fear that underpins all others is that of death. It could be physical death, but it could also be the death of job, a belief, or a way of living within this world.

When you develop a relationship with your higher self, you begin to experience a deep sense of presence and love from other dimensions. And this is when things really begin to change…

You live more inspired and you access a flow of light that shines through you out into the world.

We will be exploring the messages from the other side for humanity and the practices that all the great mystics and ancient mystery societies utilized to accelerate the evolution of the soul inside this unique online training.

As You Enter into the Path of Light, understand and align with the nature of who you really are to stay in higher consciousness frequencies...

10 Declarations of the Soul

  • Declaration 1: We are all beings of light.
  • Declaration 2: You are an eternal being of love and consciousness.
  • Declaration 3: Your Soul is incapable of being a victim. We have total responsibility.
  • Declaration 4: Death is an illusion.
  • Declaration 5: Your soul is infinite and so is your potential.
  • Declaration 6: You are not alone on this journey and can always call upon your spirit guides.
  • Declaration 7: Separation is an illusion.
  • Declaration 8: All souls are capable of accessing information from Source.
  • Declaration 9: Integrating your shadow side is necessary for ascension.
  • Declaration 10: You have the power to consciously create a new reality.

Meet Your Teachers for this Exclusive Online Training

David Wilcock

David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of energy and matter.

He is rewriting entire branches of science and leading a new narrative of human history, one that includes races of highly advanced beings that we share earth and space with.

The Golden thread that weaves his work together is the science of Ascension – a solar-system-wide transformation that elevates earth and humanity to a higher phase of spiritual advancement.

David’s message is one of unity and love, encouraging people to live a life of goodness and harmony.

He is a cosmic reporter of poignant news and events in the Ascension timeline and drama.


Dannion Brinkley

In 1975, Dannion Brinkley had the first of four near-death experiences in which a stunning vision of the future was revealed. This led to the publishing of the groundbreaking, best-selling book Saved By the Light. Dannion was shown what he calls the “Boxes of Knowledge” in his first NDE, which led to a series of future visions.

After 70 years in this dimension, Dannion has had one full death experience, three near-death experiences, a lightning strike, an open-heart surgery, a brain surgery, and another round of open-heart surgery. He has spent 42 years as a Hospice volunteer and 37 years in the Veterans Administration. Dannion has also spent over 34,000 hours with more than 2000 people as they were heading into their next life. Dannion is dedicated to researching integrative and complementary medical practices, and linking humanity with the worlds of Spirit.

Elizabeth Wilcock

Elizabeth Wilcock is a mystic trail-blazer and creator of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light initiating women into the sacred and mystic arts. For most of her adult life she has trained with masters and grandmasters in shamanism, martial arts, and Qigong, while exploring the edges of the mystic envelope.

She has five black belts in kung fu and is the first female master instructor in her martial art organization, where she owned and operated five martial art schools and trained thousands of students. She is also an initiated priestess and combines her years of experience into her Priestess Path initiations.

As a child, she was in contact with the spirit world and began hands on healing to save animals, take away pain and pray for people. Her main interest in her entire life has been mysticism and she spent much of her life training with masters and grandmasters in sacred arts.

– Here's What You'll Receive –

#1) UNPRECEDENTED  5-Weeks of Training with Dannion, David, and Elizabeth

Get instant access now to Dannion, David, and Elizabeth's exclusive training designed to guide you through the Ascension process and accelerate your spiritual path. You’ll be learning how ancient prophecies, new scientific discoveries, and the Law of One creates a unified action plan to expedite your ascension. By the end of the five modules, you will have a clear path marked with deep insights and knowledge to light your way.

#2) Complete Audio & Video Training Package

Every training is available in video and audio formats so you may to download and own all of the course content. So if you want to watch the trainings over and over, you’ll be able to watch at your leisure.

#3) A Private Membership Site with Downloadable Audio and Video Files from All Sessions

You will also have access to a private and secure membership portal that will allow you exclusive and easy access to all course content. You will have lifetime access to this membership site and will be able to rewatch the content as many times as you would like.

Here's What's Inside The Path of Light Curriculum

Week 1: The NDE and Ascension

Here is an overview of what is covered in this 3-part module: 

  • Part 1: David on Ascension / Solar Flash Prophecies with David Wilcock. 
    • Hindu Samvartaka Fire and Zoroastrian Frasho-Kereti
    • Egyptian / Plato’s Timaeus and Critias on Atlantis
    • Mithraic, Greek, Roman / Stoic
    • Hebrew, Christian, Muslim
    • Law of One
    • 2012 or 2030?

  • Part 2: Connection of Ascension Prophecies to the Near-Death Experience with Dannion Brinkley 
    • Pandemics, Rioting and Fear

    • Mayan Calendar and the time of Ascension

    • The myth of death: Death does not happen

    • Eliminating fear by understanding the afterlife

    • The link between spirituality and Ascension

    • Integrating grief and bereavement

    • Intro to the Boxes of Knowledge – Dannion’s afterlife prophetic visions

  • Part 3: Accessing the Spirit World with Elizabeth Wilcock 
    • The Near-Death Experience and death as a type of Ascension event
    • Ancient initiations to access the spirit world
    • Connecting to your spirit family
    • Bringing the sacred ceremonies back into the dying process
    • Holding space for the transition
    • Clearing the spiritual space
    • Helping the dying to connect to their guides on the other side
    • Piercing the veil

Week 2: Law of One and the Panoramic Life Review

Here is an overview of what is covered in this 2-part module: 

  • Part 1: David on Law of One and Ascension with David Wilcock 
    • History of the Law of One and Who is Ra? 
    • What is the Confederation of Planets?
    • Scientific accuracy of the Law of One cosmological model
    • Photonic DNA Model and the Scientific Proof
    • The 25,000-Year Cycle of Ascension
    • The “Quantum Leap” as described in the Law of One series
    • Prophecies of the Fourth-Density Shift

  • Part 2: The Panoramic Life Review  with Dannion Brinkley 
    • The meaning of life and Meetings with Light Beings
    • The most important part of the afterlife process and “Life Flashing Before Your Eyes” 
    • Recapitulating all your experiences for how you made others feel
    • Accurate viewpoint of what your life is about and why you are here
    • Increasing your awareness of the Ascension requirements and The strong importance of intention

Week 3: The Living Universe… and Your Part In It

Here is an overview of what is covered in this 2-part module: 

  • Part 1: DNA Sacred Science with David Wilcock 
    • Photons as Genetic Information Carriers (Law of One model)

    • Dr. Alexander Gurwitsch and Proof of Life Force

    • Dr. Peter Gariaev and the DNA Phantom Effect

    • Dr. Budakovski on Holographic Genetic Transmutation

    • Dr. Glen Rein on DNA and the Power of Conscious Intention

    • Dr. Burlakov on Life Force: The Fish Egg Experiment 

    • Dr. Luc Montagnier and Spontaneous DNA Manifestation in Water

    • Science of the Light Body: Applying DNA Science to Ascension

  • Part 2: Your True Purpose with Dannion Brinkley 
    • Ascension Requirements
    • What Difference Did You and God Make? 
    • Accessing Higher Consciousness
    • Alleviating Loneliness and Helplessness
    • Eliminating Victim Consciousness
    • Your True Mission and Purpose
    • Who You Are and Why You Are Here
    • How You Choose Your Obstacles for Growth
    • Ascension and the Purification of the Soul

  • Part 3: Accessing the Cosmic Light with Elizabeth Wilcock 
    • Taoist healing practices including the Inner Smile
    • Ancient Qigong practices for cultivating spiritual awareness
    • Activating the energy of love to heal and transform DNA
    • Opening up the spirit and body to the love and light of the Creator

Week 4: The Illuminati and Integrating the Shadow Side

Here is an overview of what is covered in this 2-part module: 

  • Part 1: The Law of One Perspective of the Illuminati with David Wilcock 
    • Law of One on the Origin of the Universe and the Veiling
    • Law of One on the Luciferian Force and its purpose
    • Law of One on the Draco Reptilians and the “Orion Confederation”
    • Interface between negative ETs and the planetary elites on Earth
    • How negative ETs create and feed on negative energy or “Loosh”
    • Adam Weishaupt and the “Bavarian Illuminati” in 1776
    • Rev. C. G. Finney Exposes the Great Masonic Revolt in America
    • Scope of the Problem: How the Illuminati Earns 80% of All Money on Earth
    • Control of MSM, governments, militaries, corporations, religions and sciences
    • Global Collateral Accounts and the massive bunkers of hidden gold
    • Why the Illuminati are authorized to exist in a loving universe

  • Part 2: Integrating Your Shadow Side with Dannion Brinkley 
    • The Illuminati are a collective projection of an internal issue

    • The near-death experience exposes the lies behind all of our fears

    • We lash out at others when we have not integrated our own traumas

    • Eliminating our fear of death helps defeat the negative on Earth

    • Who you see in the mirror is a happy combination of everything you think

    • Developing healthy relationships through loving and appreciating yourself

    • Alleviating victim consciousness in all forms

    • Setting your intention for what you say and do each day

    • Understanding how your body only responds to your intention

Week 5: The Rainbow Body and the Boxes of Knowledge

Here is an overview of what is covered in this 3-part module: 

  • Part 1: The Tibetan Rainbow Body and the Afterlife by David Wilcock 
    • Dr. Michael Newton and the Ten Stages of the Afterlife

    • Scientific proof of the Near-Death Experience

    • The Tibetan Book of the Dead and the “Bardos”

    • Linking the Tibetan Bardos and Modern NDE Reports

    • The Tibetan practice of the Rainbow Body—transforming into pure light

    • 160,000 documented cases of Rainbow Body activation

    • Images of hand and footprints from monks into solid stone

    • Namkhai Norbu and Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche on the Rainbow Body practices

    • The Principle of Seeing the Universe as “Empty Awareness”

    • Making Friends with Trekcho, Togal and Tigle

    • The Cord-Cutting Meditation

  • Part 2: The Boxes of Knowledge by Dannion Brinkley  
    • Prophetic glimpses of the future seen in 1975, first published in 1994
    • Analysis of how these documented prophecies have come true
    • “The battle for the souls of humankind will be fought in healthcare”
    • The future of Ascension for all humankind
    • All prophecies express probable outcomes, not certainties
    • How certain Dannion prophecies thankfully did not come true
    • Avoiding the AI microchipped negative future timeline
    • The Great Lesson of How We Determine Our Own Fate
    • Creating a Working Relationship With Yourself

  • Part 3: Sacred Breathing and Movement Arts by Elizabeth Wilcock  
    • Rooting in with the Earth
    • Drawing information from Source
    • Chi gong exercises  and Ascension Dietary Practices
    • Shamanic and Taoist practices of cord-cutting
    • Identifying and eliminating toxic relationships
    • Journeying into the spirit world at will

The Path of Light

Program Summary

Here’s what you’ll receive:

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In Light and Gratitude, 

Dannion Brinkley, David Wilcock, & Elizabeth Wilcock

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