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To Light & Unfolding Prophecies

An Exclusive 3-Part Video Series on Sacred DNA, Ancient Prophecies, and Rainbow Body Activation.


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Join Best-Selling Authors Dannion Brinkley AND David Wilcock for this Never Before Seen 3-Part Video Series (over 5 hours).

Sacred DNA - The Secrets of Reality Within

In this video, David Wilcock & Dannion Brinkley will discuss: 

  • The discoveries that have shaped our understanding of DNA and how we can apply these scientific discoveries to unlock the mysteries of the spiritual world.
  • What quantum DNA reveals about our true nature and the secrets that it can tell us about the afterlife.
  • How death can teach to live with purpose, meaning, and to transcend past a fear-based mindset.

Prophecies Fulfilled - Messages from Beings of Light

In this video, David Wilcock & Dannion Brinkley will discuss:

  • The information that came from the ‘boxes of knowledge’ he saw in his first trip to on the other side in 1975
  • Documented prophecies I received in 1996-99 that have already proven to be remarkably accurate
  • How to go beyond the fear of death. Once you do, only then can you wake up and live the life that you were meant to live — your divine destiny!

Rainbow Body Activation - Unlocking Your True Nature 

In this video, David Wilcock & Dannion Brinkley will discuss:

  • What the Rainbow Body is and why it is essential for understanding your personal ascension frequency.
  • How to understand our collective spiritual agenda so that we can ascend to our next level of evolution.
  • What vibration, sacred geometry, and quantum science can tell us about our soul's highest and greatest destiny today.   
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About the Authors:

David Wilcock

David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of energy and matter.

He is rewriting entire branches of science and leading a new narrative of human history, one that includes races of highly advanced beings that we share earth and space with.

The Golden thread that weaves his work together is the science of Ascension – a solar-system-wide transformation that elevates earth and humanity to a higher phase of spiritual advancement.

David’s message is one of unity and love, encouraging people to live a life of goodness and harmony. He is a cosmic reporter of poignant news and events in the Ascension timeline and drama.


Dannion Brinkley

In 1975, Dannion Brinkley had the first of four near-death experiences in which a stunning vision of the future was revealed. This led to the publishing of the groundbreaking, best-selling book Saved By the Light. Dannion was shown what he calls the “Boxes of Knowledge” in his first NDE, which led to a series of future visions.

After 70 years in this dimension, Dannion has had one full death experience, three near-death experiences, a lightning strike, an open-heart surgery, a brain surgery, and another round of open-heart surgery. He has spent 42 years as a Hospice volunteer and 37 years in the Veterans Administration. Dannion has also spent over 34,000 hours with more than 2000 people as they were heading into their next life. Dannion is dedicated to researching integrative and complementary medical practices, and linking humanity with the worlds of Spirit.

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